Our mission for 2021:

Contribute to a healthy planet by planting trees where mother earth needs them the most!

To make sure we're doing all that we can, Baliwood Sunglasses partnered up with OneTreePlanted. In this way we can prevent climate change together and take our responsibility to create a better world for the next generations. 

How do we help our planet?

Baliwood™ is reducing tons of plastic from going to landfill because your favourite sunglasses are made from wood.⁣

Every year, several billion plastic sunglasses are made, and this number is only growing with each year. That's why we created this better sunglass alternative to tackle this plastic industry; wooden sunglasses.

Our sunglasses are made by hand out of wood, this means they are biodegradable, non-allergenic and are comfortable to wear since they are lightweight. It only takes 90 days to decompose instead of plastic which takes 1000 years to do the same.⁣

Every order plants five trees!

You also plants five trees where mother earth needs it the most; Indonesia, The Amazon Rainforest and other locations. Help us to fight against climate change!