In search of his roots, he found inspiration...

It all started in 2019 with a trip to Bali, which became the source of inspiration for Baliwood™

During a trip to Bali, to get in touch with his roots and find out more about himself, Baliwood founder Glenn came across the Mas village, where the Balinese people are well known for their wood carving skills.

The meeting...
In this amazing place Glenn met Gede - a master wood carver which made amazing wood carvings in his workshop. From statues to sunglasses, he had it all! The two started to talk and got along very well. Glenn was super impressed with the beautiful wood carvings that Gede made in his shop.

The way of living...
After some talking Gede told Glenn that his goal was to give back. Gede explained to Glenn that every time he sold wooden items, he would plant a beautiful tree in his garden so everything would come full-circle! Gede explained that giving back to nature made him more happy than anything else.
 The inspiration...
Inspired by Gede's way of thinking, Glenn reflected on his previous meeting, and became greatly motivated to create amazing wooden sunglasses, while giving back to nature. He finally found his inner sunshine - his purpose.

This idea transformed into what Baliwood is today!

Let's Plant 100.000 Trees Together

Giving Back To Nature 
Inspired by our amazing Bali adventure, we believe in creating with love and passion while giving back to nature. All our products are handmade with Premium Eco-Friendly materials, great attention to detail and a full-circle mindset; every item you purchase, plants a tree

Why Are Trees Important?
Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. At Baliwoodwe’re honored to be reforestation partner of

Shop your handcrafted tropical eco-friendly wooden sunglasses now, while doing good for your planet!